Regular SCiO Meetings

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  • Open Meetings (open to all), a series of presentations of general interest to SCiO's members and others is given. Some of these meetings are also used to discuss specific problems in a workshop situation. There is a fee of £20 for all attendees for these meetings.
  • Development Days (members only) at which a smaller group of SCiO's members gather in order to apply themselves to a series of specific problem brought by the attendees. A study topic (usually from Systems theory) may also be addressed. There is no charge made for these meetings.

Booking is required for all meetings. For open meetings, please email, and for development meetings,

Professional Development

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See the Professional Development page (under Resources) for more details. If no courses are visible on the Events page, please contact us using the Contact form on the Contact page and ask for the course. For these courses,  the fee for members is £40 and for all others is £100. Our regular Courses are:

  • SC101. A Beginners Workshop in Modelling using the Viable Systems Model
  • SC102. Organisational Dynamics - Viable Systems Modelling Intermediate
  • SC103. The Systems Minefield - An Overview of Systems Thinking and Practice

Upcoming Events

Date Town Event Access Cost
Sunday, July 7, 201910:00 - 16:00 London, UK Development Day - Summer 2019

This is a chance to draw upon the collective expertise of other SCIO members in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Your confidentiality and IP rights (where at issue) will be fully respected.
Development Days are for you whether you...

(Members only) FREE to members
Monday, July 8, 201909:30 - 17:00 London, UK Open Meeting and AGM - Summer 2019

An open meeting where a series of presentations of general interest regarding systems practice will be given - this will include 'craft' and active sessions, as well as introductions to theory.

Please note that places fill up quickly for these events and space is limited. It is...

1. Kerry Turner - Causal Loop Diagrams: A key tool for Systems Thinking & Practice

2. Alan Arnet –Sensemaking: the art and practice of handling messy, changing realities

3. Rod Willis – Dimensions of Strategic Management, Through Time

4. Jan De Visch - Dynamic collaboration and strengthening of your systemic interventions

(All Welcome) £20
Saturday, October 5, 201908.30 - 18.00 Aalen, Germany SCIO Dach Camp 2019

SCiO - Building Viable Organisations



(All Welcome) 119 € – 149 €