A new forum for Systems Thinking Practitioners

Sydney, Australia
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Monday, February 19, 2018
18:00 - 21:00
Learning Workshop
PPB Advisory, 8–12 Chifley Square, Sydney Room: The Village on Level 7 or 8. Call me on 0422 064 448 if you get lost
(All Welcome)
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Systems Thinking is Dead - Long Live Systems Thinking

A collaborative exploration of the feasibility of establishing a chapter of the UK based association SCiO (Systems and Cybernetics in Organisations) in Sydney. Hosted by Stefan Norrvall. See also https://www.meetup.com/Leadership-in-Complex-Adaptive-Systems/events/247307530/.

SCiO is a UK based organisation for practitioners of systems thinking in public and private sector organisations and academia. http://www.scio.org.uk. Founded in 2003, SCiO holds quarterly meetings in London and Manchester, featuring a mix of education (development days) and networking (open forums).

“SCiO is committed to increasing knowledge of systems approaches and practical experience of applying them - particularly of the viable system model. It is focused primarily on systems practice and practitioners rather than on pure theory and on systems practice as applied to issues of organisation.”

Ben Taylor of the London based organisation RedQuadrant http://www.redquadrant.com, a passionate systems thinking advocate and non-executive director of SCiO, will be visiting Australia in February and is keen to take this opportunity to introduce SCiO and help us get started. Ben also run the PSTA www.publicservicetransformation.org and hosts a large repository of intertsing articles on systems thinking available on  http://model.report

The meeting will include some interactive sessions and presentations by Ben including his learnings from applying systems thinking in the UK, and some in depth background on his experience with SCiO.


Part 1 6pm – 8pm

  • Introductions to share attendee background and specific interests (20)
  • Small group discussions and sharing on "Systems Thinking: examples, benefits, and challenges" (30)
  • Case study of application of systems thinking (30)
  • Ben Taylor presentation on SCiO including objectives, modus operandi, benefits to members, and learnings from UK experience. (30)

Part 2 8pm – 9pm (For anyone interested in being part of the Sydney SCiO chapter)

  • Round table discussion regarding how an SCiO chapter might work in Sydney (30) 
  • Suggestions on timeline and topics for any future sessions (10)
  • Commitments to next steps (10)
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