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SCiO is committed to increasing knowledge and practical experience of applying systems approaches - particularly use of the viable systems model. From our own experiences, we know that for many, these approaches are challenging and gaining the experience is difficult. We therefore provide or recommend a set of resources to help you with this task.

On the accompanying web pages we provide:

  • A list of books that can provide background and guidance on systems approaches. They vary from highly readable introductions to quite dense theoretical works – in other words there’s something for everyone!
  • A list of SCiO events – many open to non-members – where you can meet others using and attempting to use systems approaches to a wide variety of business issues. These are constructed to encourage the exchange of practical and relevant information.
  • A list of Courses. SCiO currently hosts an introductory and an intermediate one-day course in applying the viable systems model. SCiO can also bring these or more complex courses into your organisation. Lastly, a number of Open University courses are listed that can provide a more detailed study of systems approaches.
  • Details for joining SCiO, which gives you access to our members-only development events and online forum for discussing and sharing your systems experiences.

In addition, SCiO has been developing SysBoK, a model of the concepts and ideas in the Systems Thinking body of knowledge; predecessors to Systems Thinking and derivatives that depend on those concepts. This model is created, reviewed and managed at SCiO Development Days, and can be accessed  on KUMU

If you need more specific help, please contact us through the contact us form.