Requisite inefficiency

Ivo Velitchkov
13 September 2014

Driven by market forces, organisations struggle to produce more or better with less. In times of crisis that seems to grow into a condition for survival. And yet, clearing all inefficiencies or not the right ones, could have just the opposite effect.

Both organisms and the social systems they create need some excess of variety in any given moment to have requisite variety for their viability in the long run. Ivo will explore various manifestations and share conceptual findings of what he calls "requisite inefficiency" in an attempt to raise awareness about it, that could grow into capability to distinguish it and let it be.

Dr Ivo Velitchkov is an independent management consultant, mostly known for his work in Business Process Management, Enterprise Architecture and Strategic Management. He’s been involved in these and other management areas for 19 years in various capacities: as entrepreneur, CEO of a software company, university professor, project manager, consultant and researcher. Currently he is helping the BPM and Enterprise Architecture practice in the European Commission and other EU institutions. He’s delivering talks and workshops on various subjects but always closely related to systems and cybernetics. Dr Velitchkov is author of the blog StrategicStructures, and co-author of the book “Enterprise Architecture for Connected E-Government: Practices and Innovations”.