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"Later in the bar" - SCiO UK September 2021

Mon 13 September 2021 19:00–21:00  GMT+1
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Virtual Networking
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All welcome

"Later in the bar" - SCiO UK September 2021

"Later in the bar" is a SCiO UK networking event where we try to recapture some of the features of meeting in the bar after an open meeting. This is an opportunity to mingle freely (online) and set your own agenda. These social networking events are different from the open days (speakers and discussion) and member-only development days (each agenda slot filled set by members for learning discussions).

Social networking events combine some initial small group work and provide completely open opportunities to mingle as individuals and groups. The format will vary slightly based on numbers.

Please note that you will need to attend using a desktop computer (not a tablet or phone) to get the best experience.

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Mon 13 September 2021 19:00–21:00
This is an online event.