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Mostly we tend to think about what "is", or what we think we think should be. This carries over into both problem solving and to analysing and designing organisations. Many modelling approaches have this bias towards modelling what is and I'd argue that this is true of both SSM and most approaches to VSM. In some other traditions of looking at the world, there is a deep vein of thinking focusing instead on what is not and seeing this as being eq... Read more
Overview the research approach I adopted as part of a DBA programme Explore the value of ‘Soft Systems Methodology’ in the context of this study Discuss the student dilemma Reinforce the importance of good supervision to academic rigour
Denis Adams will tell practitioner stories which illustrate some under-utilised ideas which though simple, usually have profound impacts on models-in-use and consequential actions. The emerging principles will raise questions about using many of the common tools of cybernetics systems thinking in forensic systemic exploration, for example: Why the ‘activity monitoring information to control action’ in SSM conceptual modelling could transform the... Read more
Patrick Hoverstadt and Jane Searles will describe the development of ladder governance in a service delivery case study.