Beer at work (how work can make us sick, and Beer can make us better)

Christoph Giagounidis
07 July 2014

Dr Christoph Giagounidis is an occupational health doctor. Prompted by the rising number of stressed people he sees on a weekly basis, he is working on the connection between the health of workers and cybernetic deficiencies in their organisations, mainly through the writings of Stafford Beer. More and more, Beer's thoughts on systems 2 and 3 lead him to think that breakthroughs in ‘sickness absence management’ will only be achieved through a change in the way HR capture and value certain types of information within organisations, and a different type of co-operation between HR and Occupational Health, probably by developing feedback loops that, at present, don't normally exist. A well-run organisation should have minimal sick leave/injuries at work, etc, after all; however, Beer's work might give a different outlook onto current, day-to-day operations in ‘sickness absence management’ and might help to develop practical tests or measures HR and occupational health could implementin practice.