Caring Behaviours assurance system; a systems-driven programme in a hospital and community context

Susan Smith (Dr)
Janina Sweetenham
08 April 2013

Choice Dynamic International have created a unique approach to assuring the quality of caring and compassion CBAS, adaptable for use by staff in all health and social care settings. The overal aims of CBAS are :-

  • to have confidence that staff are caring and compassionate in their practice
  • to gather information which would inform action to enhance the experience of patients/service users
  • to clarify and strengthen the accountability processes regarding quality of care

Sue & Janina will facilitate a craft session workshop, drawing on the insights of Peter Senge in The Fifth Discipline, to explore the extent to which the CBAS model exemplifies the disciplines of a learning organisation, and the extent to which its adoption might create a learning environment.

Dr. Sue Smith is Director & Janina Sweetenham Lead Associate of Choice Dynamic International, who have been commissioned by NHS Scotland to provide an evidence-based system for enabling and assuring Board confidence in the delivery of person-centred health & care. They are based in Pontefract, Yorkshire.