Co-ordinated management of meaning: a systemic framework

Christine Oliver
07 July 2014

Christine Oliver will present co-ordinated management of meaning as an ethical and practical frame for making sense of and orienting oneself within the system, treating ‘the system’ as constituting contextualised patterns of narrative and communicative interaction.  Particular attention will be paid to our acts of interpretation within communication exchanges and their contexts of influence and consequence for the social worlds that we make.   

Christine Oliver, PhD, is a Systemic Psychotherapist, Group Analyst, Organisational Consultant and University Lecturer at the University of Bedfordshire, UK where she is co-course leader of the MSc in Systemic Leadership and Organisational Development. Her publications, particularly in the field of Coordinated Management of Meaning Theory and Appreciative Inquiry, contribute to the development of practical theory for guiding and sustaining dialogic processes in psychotherapy and consultancy. Information is available at and