A heretic's view of Deming and systems thinking

Alan Clark
07 July 2014

The rapid change, chaos and complexity of today’s global marketplace demands more progressive management. Transformation of organizations to an optimum level of performance can only take place if such progressive management is able to take a balanced view of the whole situation. W Edwards Deming proposed that such a balanced view would comprise four disciplines that he called ‘A System of Profound Knowledge’. These four, interrelated disciplines are: Appreciation for a System; Understanding Variation; Theory of Knowledge, and, most importantly, Psychology. Alan will explore these along with two other elements that he suggests yield greater organizational effectiveness.

Alan Clark is a business and quality coach, author and speaker, and systems thinker. He is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer, Chartered Quality Professional, and was founding Chair of the Deming Special Interest Group at the Chartered Quality Institute; he is a member of the Deming Alliance; Programme Manager of a one-year part-time Management Development Programme for local government managers at the University of Birmingham; more recently developed a Service Improvement Green-Belt programme accredited by the Institute for Leadership and Management.