Mindfulness practice and the interconnected self

Nadine Andrews
27 October 2014

This theoretical and experiential session explores the practice of mindfulness and the qualities of intention that may help cultivate a concept of the self as part of a wider interdependent and interconnected system. We will also discuss the role that mindfulness could play in developing adaptive relationships between humans and the natural world.

Nadine specialises in mindfulness and nature-based approaches to coaching, facilitation, consultancy and research, to help cultivate more harmonious relationship between humans and our kin in the community of life.

She is in the final year of her PhD exploring psychosocial influences on pro-environmental decision-making in organisations, and working with Mersey Forest developing a programme of mindfulness in forest courses as a public health intervention and as professional development for businesses. 

She previously worked in various aspects of music industry and festival management, and in arts and heritage sector in strategic marketing, organisational development, management research and evaluation, training and facilitation. 


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