Navigating Complexity

Arthur Battram
07 April 2014

Arthur passionately believes in and is massively frustrated by local government in equal measure. His current work is mainly in the voluntary sector, with organisations that realise that the issues they face are related to management not just people.

Two quotes (NOT from his own writings, NOT from his book:  'Navigating Complexity: the essential guide to complexity theory in business and management’), which he is currently enjoying are: 

“The most dangerous thing in the world is to think you understand something.” 

 “Our practice is to wake up to our delusions.” 

Navigating Complexity

Arthur was brought in by Carole Hassan,  as sole consultant,  when she became Chief Executive of Trafford MBC, and needed to kick-start a major reorganisation with her senior management team. 

Since his book, Navigating Complexity,  was published, he has been failing to produce a sequel under the working title of 'Natural Management'. This will not be a self-help book for trainers and consultants, nor an over-arching system, nor a spiritual guidebook. ‘Natural management’ would be about 'managing as if people mattered' and would be a sideways way of looking at and improving the way people work together or don't, shorn of 150 year-old military thinking and unscientific assumptions about employees.

He has some small successes to share with you, and a quirky tool bag of odd tools for you to examine.