OMM a powerful organisational maturity tool

Jane Searles
17 January 2011

The Organisational Maturity Model (OMM) has been developed by SCiO. It is driven by a questionnaire and is designed to show the structural integrity of your organisation. The OMM allows managers to improve the capability of their organisation to operate more effectively and adapt to change. It does this by providing a framework to develop the structural integrity of the organisation.

For an individual having an explanation of the systemic causes of the problems faced can suggest alternative ways forward. The OMM provides reassurance about aspects of the or-ganisation that are working well and insights into those aspects of your working life that are caused by the system rather than individuals.

Who should use this?

  • If you want to assess the strengths and weak-nesses of your organisation‟s structure
  • If you sense your organisation is not running as effectively as it might …
  • If you are concerned about the long-term viabil-ity of your organisation …