Practitioner stories around the Conant- Ashby Theorem “Modelling is not an option, its mandatory” - but how do you do that?

Denis Adams
02 July 2007

Denis Adams will tell practitioner stories which illustrate some under-utilised ideas which though simple, usually have profound impacts on models-in-use and consequential actions. The emerging principles will raise questions about using many of the common tools of cybernetics systems thinking in forensic systemic exploration, for example:

Why the ‘activity monitoring information to control action’ in SSM conceptual modelling could transform the content rather than be subservient to it, and how in using the VSM in diagnosis, examination of the enterprise’s knowledge and models-in-use at an Elemental Organisational Unit level could drive a transformation and restructuring of the whole enterprise (as one of my ex-clients has just done).

Content will cover or reference how probability extends the concept of logic in reasoning, Bayesian statistics and reasoning, and how a forensic systemic practitioner could enhance the practice of cybernetic systems thinking.