What is it like in a 'full-spectrum system'? The evolution of human values from survival to service

Martin Egan
07 July 2014

Martin Egan brings more than 15 years of corporate experience in life sciences and healthcare, and experience as consultant with leading international consultancies. Martin Egan manages assessment and diagnostics at Walking the Talk. In this role, he oversees all assessments conducted globally and is responsible for accrediting Walking the Talk practitioners in using the tools. He has been the lead developer of Walking the Talks evidence-based measurement tools.

Martin’s insights for organisations and individuals are influenced by his training in analytical science as well as in psychoanalytic, analytical, and group psychology. He gained a BSc in Analytical Sciences, a PhD in Bioanalytical Science and an MA in Analytical Psychology. His work on coaching for Integral Leadership was included with leading authorities on the subject in Leadership Coaching: Working with Leaders to Develop Elite Performance (Kogan, London). Martin is licensed to work both clinically and generally with psychometric tools ranging from personality type measures to the Hogan Development Survey.

He will talk about the work of Richard Barrett and his experience in applying it to organisational cultures, particularly the latest book The Values-Driven Organization: Unleashing Human Potential for Performance and Profit (http://www.amazon.com/Values-Driven-Organization-Unleashing-Potential-Pe...). Martin will also make connections and invite others from the group, from coaching supervision models to the viable systems model.