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RRP: 35 €    Paperback : 360 pages   ISBN : 978-3658292461   Publisher : Springer Gabler; 1. Aufl. 2020 edition (10 Jun. 2020)   Language: : German Es ist ein offenes Geheimnis: Unsere Organisationen funktionieren mehr schlecht als recht. Darin liegt das Kernproblem und überraschenderweise zugleich die Lösung. Denn wir brauchen keine neuen Konzepte und Rahmenbedingungen, wir brauchen keine besseren Führungskräfte und keine anderen Politiker... Read more
A copy of the INCOSE UK SEASON Report 2020 that provides a baseline of the current situation with regard to the Systems Engineering profession in the UK. Please feel free to distribute this within your organisation where it can best be used.
RRP: £33.24   Paperback: 340 pages   Publisher: Routledge; 1 edition (25 Mar. 2020)   ISBN: 1138493996 The Hidden Power of Systems Thinking: Governance in a Climate Emergency is a persuasive, lively book that shows how systems thinking can be harnessed to effect profound, complex change. In the age of the Anthropocene, the need for new ways of thinking and acting has become urgent. But patterns of obstacles are apparent in any action, be they c... Read more
RRP: £40    Paperback : 348 pages   ISBN : 1447174747   Publisher : Springer; 2nd ed. 2020 Edition (20 Feb. 2020)   Language: : English This biographical history of the field of systems thinking examines the work of thirty of its major thinkers. It discusses their key contributions to the subject, the way these were expressed in practice and the relationship between their lives and ideas.
RRP: £50   Paperback: 346 pages   Publisher: Springer; 2nd ed. 2020 edition (19 Feb. 2020)   ISBN: 1447174712 The five approaches outlined in this book offers the systems thinking practitioner a range of interchangeable tools for pro-actively making systemic improvements amidst complex situations of change and uncertainty.  Practitioners from all professional domains are increasingly confronted with incidences of systemic failure, yet poorly equ... Read more
RRP: £37  Hardcover : 234 pages   ISBN: 1138308242   Publisher : Routledge (6 Feb. 2020) Business transformation typically involves a wide range of visualisation techniques, from the templates and diagrams used by managers to make better strategic choices, to the experience maps used by designers to understand customer needs, the technical models used by architects to propose possible solutions, and the pictorial representations used by chan... Read more
In common with all living human systems, organisations need differences to develop and transform. And yet, in organisations, as in all living human systems, we often dismiss, attack or try to convert differences. Indeed, we are primed neurologically to do this – our Flight, Fight, Freeze responses. Agazarian’s systems-centered method of functional subgrouping offers a way to lower our reactivity to differences, and to increase our capacity to sta... Read more
The Viable System Model is one of the key capabilities that SCiO has focused on. It’s an implementation of cybernetics. “Viable system” suggests living system — and vibrant systems feel alive. Are they? Can organisations be organisms? And what difference would that make? This questions our questions and stimulates provocations. At a time when science is regenerating, does management need to as the same? If we start thinking organically, how many ... Read more
The talk will look at the underlying concepts, design and practice of War Rooms as decision environments for dealing with complex and fast moving situations. Starting with Blackett’s invention of the War Room, through Beer’s Cybersyn to the work we are currently engaged on and its use with client in tackling complex strategic issues. We’ll talk through the difference current technology offers and the different ways our modern War Rooms can be use... Read more
RRP: £19.95   Paperback: 179 pages   Publisher: SCiO - independently (10 Jan. 2020)   ISBN: 1708360085 “Reframing ITIL" is much more than a useful guide to the basic processes of IT Service Management. It distils fundamental, complex organisational thinking into entirely practical, workable approaches which allow you to really 'get' and begin to manage core underlying organisational dynamics. As such it will be useful for anyone involved in the ... Read more